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Cybersecurity and Product Security Assurance Services

Cybersecurity Assessments - Penetration Testing (CSA)
This is our flagship offering. Quite simply we are the best and wrote the book about it! This service is designed to find and fix critical vulnerabilities before the bad guys find them. Using the same techniques as attackers... Read More

Web Application Security Assessments (WASA)
Our testing team will provide a current snapshot of the security posture of specific website(s). Our goal is to identify, contain, and remediate any exploitable vulnerabilities that can be fixed before an attacker can discover and utilize them for further attack. Read More

Product Security Assessments (PSA)
Using a range of unique penetration testing tools for testing connected devices, Tangible's product security testing mimics real-world hacking tactics and techniques that uncover hidden vulnerabilities in your device or application and provide realistic insights and practical results. Read More

Remote Access Security Assessments (RASA)
Tangible Security will assess the implementation of systems and procedures that have been deployed for your growing remote workforce in order to identify weaknesses that put your information at risk, provide recommendations to remediate those risks, and provide piece of mind that organizations are protecting both their sensitive data as well as the data of their clients. Read More

Security Program Assessments (SPA)
Using standards such as NIST, ISO, and COBIT as a starting framework, Tangible will work with you to examine the quality and effectiveness of your program, identify and understand weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and evaluate your readiness to defend and respond to today’s cyber threats. Read More

Virtual Cyber Security Office (vCSO)
Clients receive fixed number of consulting hours per month with seasoned executives and technical specialists to help assess, prioritize, plan, and/or execute their security program. Read More

Security Awareness Training
We help transform your employees from unwitting targets to human firewalls. They become obstacles to hackers rather than conduits. The initial testing, training, and ongoing testing combine to not only elevate your users’ preparedness but sustain and institutionalize it. Read More

It is always ten times cheaper to bake security into a product than to bolt it on later. We help our clients do just that. At all levels of the SDLC, we can assist. From requirements to design, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance Read More

Mobile Application Security Assessments
Tangible Security provides a thorough look into the security of your Andriod or iOS mobile applications – ensuring that risks are identified, and your data is safe. Tangible will identify, contain, and remediate vulnerabilities before an attacker can discover and exploit them. Read More

Did you know?

Percentage of data breaches due to malicious or criminal intent


Percentage of data breaches due to a system glitch


Percentage of data breaches due to human error


Increased cost (%) for malicious breaches vs statistical mean


2020 Cost of Data Breach Study: United States, Ponemon Inst., Aug 2020