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Security tailored to your industry and your needs

For over 20 years, security-minded companies like investment banks and healthcare systems have trusted Tangible Security with protecting their sensitive assets. Our sole focus is providing full-service cybersecurity, enabling us to offer each customer a tailored experience for their industry and their unique setting. Our team of leading experts includes specialists in cybersecurity for specific industries. Our customers include financial services, healthcare, energy services, manufacturing, technology, software, transportation, logistics, telecommunications, cloud, internet, and media organizations.

Financial Services

Protect your valuable assets from cyber criminals and insider threats, build a culture of security, and stay compliant with regulations and standards.

Energy Services

Strengthen your supply chain and protect your assets from ICS/OT systems to IoT and the cloud and keep your energy infrastructure secure and operational.

Healthcare Services

Keep your Protected Health Information (PHI) safe from cybercriminals, secure legacy systems and medical devices, and comply with HIPAA and HITRUST.

Manufacturing Organizations

Strengthen your product development security, protect your infrastructure and assets from ICS/OT to IoT, get and stay compliant, and keep your operations secure.

Technology & Software

Find and fix vulnerabilities in source code and supply chains, protect your data and intellectual property from theft, and keep your compliance program strong.

Telecommunications, Cloud, Internet, & Media

Protect your infrastructure and assets from data breaches and sophisticated threats, secure your supply chains, connected devices, and stay compliant.

Transportation & Logistics

Strengthen your infrastructure from ICS/OT systems to supply chains and connected devices, get compliant, and stay secure and operational.

Government & Government Contractors

Protect your government organization from attacks and keep data safe. Get support and advisory services for FedRAMP and CMMC compliance.

Tangible Benefits

  • Discover and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Get and stay compliant
  • Protect your assets from sophisticated threats
  • Prevent phishing and social engineering with staff security training

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