Incident Response and Forensics

Get prepared now for when a major security incident happens with our incident response and forensics services. Our services include program development and planning, incident response plan and playbook development, tabletop exercises, compromise assessments, incident response triage and analysis, digital forensics to determine the cause of security incidents, and remediation to eradicate threats and restore systems.

Incident Response Program Assessment

Our expert team conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s incident response capabilities, processes, and procedures to identify gaps and provide recommendations for improvement, enhancing your readiness to detect, respond to, and recover from security incidents.

Incident Response Plan & Playbook Development

We work with your organization to create a comprehensive strategy to respond to security incidents, including developing tailored incident response plans and playbooks that outline clear steps, roles, and responsibilities during a cybersecurity incident. With a full plan in place, you will be able to mitigate the impact of security breaches and quickly restore operations.

Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

We provide a tailored, scenario-based simulation of a cyberattack to test the effectiveness of your incident response plans, communication protocols, and decision-making processes. The results will identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in your incident response procedures, strengthening your defenses and resiliency.

Compromise Assessment

Our expert team proactively investigates an ongoing or past security breach. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your systems, including logs, network traffic, and other relevant data to determine if a compromise has occurred, assess the impact, and provide steps to eradicate the attacker and return your systems to a secure state and restore functionality.

Incident Response Triage and Analysis

This remote service provides an immediate, cost-effective way to get an initial assessment of cybersecurity incidents. We follow a structured methodology to investigate, triage, and consult with you, ensuring the security of client systems and data. We then determine if you need more extensive incident response services.

Incident Response and Digital Forensics

Our team of experienced professionals offers swift and efficient incident response services to minimize the impact of breaches, malware infections, and other cyber threats. We conduct thorough digital forensic investigations to identify the root cause of incidents, collect evidence, and provide actionable insights to prevent future attacks.

Tangible Benefits

  • Prepare for, respond to, and recover from security incidents
  • Eradicate threats and restore systems to a secure state
  • Build capability to respond to security incidents, minimize damage, and restore system security

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