Penetration and Security Testing

Get a better understanding of your security posture and test the strength of your defenses. Tangible Security offers a full range of penetration and security testing services including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, cloud security assessments, ICS/OT security assessments, source code reviews, reverse engineering, social engineering testing, physical security, and red and purple team services. Our team of leading experts applies an attacker’s mindset and innovative methodologies to uncover and help remediate security issues, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and process weaknesses.

AI Application Assessment and Penetration Testing

Our AI application assessment applies a robust testing methodology to identify vulnerabilities specific to AI-based technologies, such as prompt injection attacks, insecure output handling, and sensitive information disclosures. Leverage the benefits of AI while protecting security and staying compliant.

Network Assessment and Penetration Testing

Our network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services will provide your organization with a comprehensive evaluation of your internal and/or external network security, including wireless access. Our team identifies vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential entry points that could be exploited, making your network more secure and resilient.

Application Assessment and Penetration Testing

We assess the security of a wide variety of software, including desktop applications, web applications, web services, and APIs. We deploy an array of methodologies, tailored to each customer’s needs, to conduct comprehensive assessments, providing you with recommendations to protect against application-based attacks.

Mobile App Assessment and Penetration Testing

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of the security of your mobile applications. Our expert team identifies vulnerabilities and potential entry points for attackers targeting mobile platforms. We provide a set of recommendations to enhance the security of your mobile applications and safeguard sensitive data and user privacy.

Embedded/IoT Assessment and Penetration Testing

We offer comprehensive security evaluations for a wide range of products, including embedded devices and IoT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could be exploited by attackers. Our expert team provides recommendations to enhance the security and privacy of your devices.

Cloud Security Assessment Service

Our expert team conducts thorough assessments of cloud configurations on infrastructure and platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. We identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could expose your organization to cyber threats and provide actionable recommendations to fortify your cloud security and mitigate risks.

ICS/OT Security Assessment

Our Industrial Control Systems (ICS) / Operational Technology (OT) security assessment service provides a robust evaluation of your organization’s ICS, SCADA and OT infrastructure. We assess security controls, architecture, and network segmentation. We identify vulnerabilities and deliver detailed reports that help you enhance security and ensure the resilience of your operations.

Compliance Penetration Testing

We offer specific penetration tests and vulnerability assessments to fulfill compliance requirements for many certifications, including CCPA, CMMC, FCC 23-60, FERPA, FINRA, GDPR, HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI DSS, SOC 2, SOX, FISMA, COBIT, and more. Stay secure and keep compliant.

Source Code Review Services

Our experts perform code testing techniques including instrumented fuzzing, entry-point analysis, risk-based analysis, and reverse engineering. We have expertise in a wide range of programming languages and platforms. Make your code and your IT more secure and find bugs before they become vulnerabilities.

Reverse Engineering Service

With reverse engineering services, our experts dissect the physical and logical security of a solution to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We use advanced, custom techniques to spot implementation issues, analyze encryption, and uncover backdoors, strengthening the security of your code.

Red/Purple Teams, Physical Security, Social Engineering

Our specialized assessment services include red teams and purple teams that provide organizations with real-world attack simulations to test and enhance your cybersecurity defenses, physical security testing to simulate infiltration, and social engineering simulations. These services help you proactively address security gaps and improve resilience against evolving cyber threats.

Threat Emulation Service

Threat emulation services offer a proactive way to identify and mitigate potential cybersecurity threats. We simulate real attack scenarios to test your ability to detect and respond to attacks. We then provide recommendations to enhance your security and resilience and protect against emerging threats.

Tangible Benefits

  • Identify security gaps, remediate vulnerabilities, and develop secure products and solutions
  • Get your systems aligned with industry best practices and regulatory standards
  • Proactively manage cybersecurity risks, reduce vulnerabilities, and enhance security posture
  • Get a clear understanding of the security posture of your IT ecosystem and reduce risk

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