Security Awareness Training & Social Engineering Testing

Tangible Security takes Security Awareness Testing seriously, so we are a certified reseller of KnownBe4 (KB4). We provide managed or unmanaged offerings, as well as in-person, webinars, or live awareness training.

Security Awareness Training: Our skilled team members will onboard, implement, and manage the KnowBe4 platform for your organization.

Managed KnowBe4

  • KnowBe4 Platinum or Diamond subscription
  • Perform Blind Baseline Test
  • Enroll Employees in Security Awareness Training
  • Maintain Clickers Group
  • Conduct Ongoing Phish Testing as follows: Bi-weekly or Monthly Phishing Test
  • Optional Additional Phishing Test each Month for Clickers
  • Remedial Training Campaign for Clickers
  • Schedule Additional Quarterly Security Training – Role-based, Department-specific, etc.
  • Measure and Monitor Progress and Performance

Security Awareness Testing Offered:

  • Simulation
  • Social Engineering
  • Security Best Practices
  • Compliance Training & Management
  • Governance Risk and Compliance Management
  • Vendor Management

Managed Implementation Services

  • Endpoint Detection Response/Managed Detection Response

  • Vulnerability Scanner

Trusted Managed Service Provider: 

Compliance Training & Management

Tangible Security will manage the KB4 phishing campaigns, KB4 training, create monthly KB4 performance reports, and lead monthly meetings with the client to discuss KB4 program updates GRC Management.

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