Community Outreach

At Tangible Security, our philanthropy and community involvement are reflected in our commitment to our employees, to the communities in which we serve, and to cultivating the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Focused on areas that closely align with our business mission and values, we support:


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Tangible is committed to strengthening services and support for millions of veterans, to include wounded veterans, and military families throughout America.


Building the Foundation for the Future through Education

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Tangible invests in the company’s people to ensure we embody the breadth and depth of top talent. Tangible also promotes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in our schools to boost next-generation innovation and foster world market competitiveness.


Local Communities

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We are very proud to work with charities and local community organizations to help the betterment of our communities in which we live and work.


Tangible Security Proudly Supports

Blue Angels Foundation

The Blue Angels Foundation (BAF) supports America’s wounded veterans from ALL services. The Foundation’s mission is to save lives – to provide each vet with a pathway to get “back on track,” to help lift and assist them in regaining confidence and self-esteem so that they can attain a purpose-driven life that has a generational impact.

We focus on the continuum of care from when the active-duty military wounded veteran is discharged and begins his/her journey to a productive life and career in the civilian sector.


Tangible is in the midst of helping Neighbor to Neighbor – ultimately, we are looking to be one of the first sponsors for the STEM center and look forward to this impactful partnership.

Neighbor to Neighbor is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) located in the Southpark community of downtown Raleigh. The organization became a nonprofit in 1996, but its roots in the community began in the late 80s with a group of moms living in a public housing project called Walnut Terrace. These moms invited volunteers into their homes to thank them for their service and also enough courage to ask those volunteers to listen to their vision for their kids and the community.

This began an important shift in the early days of Neighbor to Neighbor – a model that still stands today focused on listening to the community. All that exists today at Neighbor to Neighbor has come from listening relationships. An example of this is our youth development. Those original moms asked Neighbor to Neighbor to be an advocacy partner with them so their kids could have a better life and more opportunities than they had. Later, as those kids grew up, we heard from them that they still needed additional opportunities. What emerged from those conversations is an entity today called Neighbor Enterprises. Neighbor Enterprises focuses on living wage work and leadership development. Today, Neighbor to Neighbor is a community development organization that still has its roots in mentoring children, youth, and now adults as well.

Over the last few years, Neighbor to Neighbor has been running an afterschool enrichment program engaging students in various STEM-type activities, as well as art activities and sports. The purpose of this exposure is to give our students an opportunity to experience a world they are often locked out of or rarely given a chance to see or experience, except on the surface level. STEM is similar to the digital divide that takes place in under-resourced communities. Neighbor to Neighbor feels strongly that we need to engage and create a bridge of opportunity for young people‘s futures.

Neighbor to Neighbor would like to create a Teen STEM Center where our students could have hands-on experience with high-end technology every day. If our students are able to work on projects that have come from their own sparks/passions and interests, we can encourage learning STEM through the back door. These individual projects would tell stories about their lives and communities. Teaching students ways to effectively communicate and express themselves helps instill a sense of pride and purpose, which ultimately helps build self-esteem and self-worth. Ideally, the STEM center would be equipped with a permanent recording studio for both video and audio. Graphic design computers, perhaps a 3-D printer, and other types of interactive technology tools would be available in the center to give students engagement and STEM experiences. We would like to add a modular building to our property, perhaps 3,000 ft.², that would hold the Teen Tech Center. We would also like to have a staff person that was specifically focused on STEM and running this program.

For the past five years, we have been partnering with local colleges and universities, as well as companies and other volunteers who have interests in mentoring/teaching STEM to young people in our community. We are seeking partners who would like to come and “neighbor” alongside us in the community, bringing together time, talent, networks, and financial resources to make this critical vision a reality.

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