Secure Product Testing

Cyber criminals target software-based products. Our ethical hackers can help you identify and mitigate these risks.

Ethical hackers from Tangible Security determine what harm can be done to your business interests when cyber criminals, hacktivists, and/or nation-state actors target your new or existing product. We provide you a prioritized, detailed findings report with recommendations.

Why You Need Secure Product Testing

Security through obscurity is a fading memory for product-makers as ever more hackers turn their attention to software based products and devices. The number of product hackers is swelling because the Internet literally provides online training for all levels of expertise.
Frequent bulletins and headlines regarding the vulnerabilities and breaches of other vendor products are troubling reminders.
You can reduce these risks by hiring independent, expert, ethical hackers, whether you have products already deployed or new ones soon to launch. We can give you the insight and assistance you need to assess and mitigate your risks, and ultimately to sleep better.

Frequently Found Security Holes

  •    Spoofable software updates
  •    Identity and privilege flaws
  •    Accessible, unencrypted binaries
  •    Hidden tools hackers can run
  •    Concealed physical ports with root access
  •    Logging unnecessarily capturing sensitive data
  •    Missing data input validation
  •    Unpatched libraries and components
  •    Unnecessary services running

How Secure Product Testing Benefits You

Have you ever found yourself unable to find typos and other mistakes in a document that you have been working on for many iterations? Have you noticed that some people are far better at proof reading your documents than others?
Finding security holes in products likewise benefits from fresh eyes and people with a hard-to-find talent. These ethical hackers think differently from developers. But like most skill-positions, talent, training, and experience matters. If you want someone to find the security holes that the best of your adversaries would find, then you need to hire ethical hackers at least as good as they are.
Tangible Security literally wrote the book on ethical hacking. Everyday, our engineers distinguish themselves from the ordinary by helping our customers find and fix security holes in their products before the bad guys do. Our engineering team members have served on classified government projects and presented their research and practices at major cyber security industry events.

How Secure Product Testing Works for You

After initially defining the scope and nature of the project, our engineers review your product documentation and/or meet with your developers. Sometimes we need to revise project plans after becoming more familiar with your product.
The better we understand the intent, function, and eco-system of the product, the more thoroughly we can search for security holes. Product assessments typically last between one and four weeks.
Our findings reports are prioritized, structured, and detailed. We will assist your engineers with recreating and remediating the findings.