Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) Services

We infuse our SIEM Services with our adversarial hacking insights

Why Organizations Need our SIEM Services

Major headline cyber breaches illustrate the limits of preventative defenses. If it knows what to look for, SIEM can detect and notify you when hackers get through. Industry analysts report that the required expertise to properly configure and adjust SIEM is scarce. You need the tool and the right people to detect the breaches and enable a swift and sage response.

How our SIEM Services Benefit Organizations

Our engineers are not only skilled and experienced with SIEM but also with the methods and tactics of your adversaries. The intersection of these two skill sets equates to effective detection and response at a fraction of the cost to hire such personnel yourself. You get the right kinds of specialists that keep up with the latest hacker tactics.

How our SIEM Services Work for Organizations

We begin by assessing your needs and inventorying the data sources necessary to feed your SIEM. We configure your SIEM, test its functions, run adversarial simulations (optional), and train your personnel on how they can leverage the SIEM to more effectively respond to cyber incidents.

SIEM systems analyze all available data sources to detect malicious cyber activities:

  • Compromised endpoint chatter
  • Software privilege escalations
  • Credential theft indicators
  • Unusual data transfers
  • Encrypted external traffic
  • Rogue changes to systems
  • Indicators of fraud
  • Tampered/disabled logs
  • Non-compliant systems

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