Managed DeceptionGrid

Enterprise data breaches are usually discovered by third parties, and typically weeks, months, or years too late. Managed DeceptionGrid is changing that!

Our engineers work with you to lay virtual traps within your enterprise to detect cyber intruders, including those that elude the most costly and sophisticated cybersecurity tools deployed by Fortune 500 firms and government agencies. We then help you contain and root-out the intruders.

Why You Need Managed DeceptionGrid

The recurring data breach headlines regarding well-funded, well-known organizations indicate that the traditional preventative and post-intrusion cyber defense tools are failing regularly. You must try something different to stay out of the news.
Managed DeceptionGrid is different. Unlike traditional tools that look for already known signatures and patterns, Managed DeceptionGrid lays in wait for intruders to step into traps. The false-positive rate for these traps is less than 0.1%.
These virtual traps capture the malware of the attackers, providing our engineers insight into the origin, goals, tools, and tactics of your adversaries. Our engineers use this information to determine the best response and then helps your IT personnel do so.

What Managed DeceptionGrid can do

  •    Detect existing/new intruders
  •    Capture Zero-day, Any-day Malware
  •    Gain intel on your intruders’ goals
  •    Spot command & control communications
  •    Identify compromised systems
  •    Prevent data exfiltration
  •    Enhance situation awareness
  •    Accelerate incident response
  •    Automate forensic captures

How Managed DeceptionGrid Benefits You

An enterprise with Managed DeceptionGrid is more responsive and resilient to sophisticated cyber attacks. Our engineers can discover intruders in minutes with DeceptionGrid technology rather than weeks, months, or even years via traditional tools or government agencies finding stolen data on the Internet. Further, by rapidly capturing and analyzing the malware binaries and intercepted communications of your adversaries, our engineers can help your IT personnel more effectively eradicate intruder artifacts and more easily defend against their future punches.

How Managed DeceptionGrid Works for You

Our engineers work with your IT personnel to ensure that our installation, operation, and maintenance of the Managed DeceptionGrid components into your enterprise work quietly and seamlessly. These efforts go unnoticed by your end-users. As we verify that these components are operating properly, we work with your organization to determine the best ways for us to plug-in to your overall incident response workflow. We then begin regular monitoring. When we detect intrusions, we analyze captured malware, support your incident response workflow, assist with identifying affected systems, and recommend fixes.

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