Avoiding Product Vulnerabilities

Product Vulnerability Headlines Are Readily Avoidable

We Find Critical Product Vulnerabilities
Tangible Security researchers spend most of their time analyzing the products of our clients, including many very familiar brands. Our engineers literally wrote the book on applying ethical hacking to better secure organizations and products. They also spend a small portion of their time looking at products that ‘fall into their lap’, independent research.
Our Independent Researchers Mimic Hackers
We conduct independent research, where vendors of the products are not involved, to help our researchers better emulate our clients’ adversaries. Criminal hacking of products is a lucrative business. Like them, to make best use of our time, we start by looking for risk factors before trying to hack a product. But unlike client products, we seldom spend more than a day analyzing a product.
They Often Find a Critical Vulnerability in the First Hour
The vulnerabilities from our independent research that we publicly disclose tend to be relatively easy to discover. We use in-house tools to discover, validate, and document product vulnerabilities (less than 1 day per product). Our researchers often find a critical vulnerability in the first hour. Tragically, that implies that many of the headlines reporting product vulnerabilities were readily avoidable.

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Secure Product Testing

Ethical hackers from Tangible Security determine what harm can be done to your business interests when cyber criminals, hacktivists, and/or nation-state actors target your new or existing product. We provide you a prioritized, detailed findings report with recommendations.

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SDLC Services

We help clients overcome the challenges of implementing secure development lifecycle (SDLC) best practices as well as provide professional services that supplement your development teams with hard-to-find special skills and 3rd party independent reviews.

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