Tangible Announcements

June 1, 2017

This white paper examines opportunities for the Trump Administration and the U.S. Congress to use Self-Regulatory Organizations (SROs), Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), and private sector capital — to unshackle America’s Drone/ Unmanned Aerial System (“UAS”) sector from destructive over-regulation.

Only through a new SRO model supported by common and secure UAS Traffic Management (UTM) infrastructure can the Drone/UAS sector achieve full economic potential for America.

This paper introduces a novel framework that will provide solutions to these issues and encourage much greater and more timely private sector investment. A Self-Regulatory Organization, or SRO, is recommended to assume from the FAA the vast majority and burden of Drone/UAS Sector regulation and oversight and, most importantly, to accelerate sector collaboration and promulgation of new rules.

Download the Paper

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