Tangible Announcements

Washington, DC, November 5, 2015, Dr. Mark Mykityshyn, Executive Chairman of Tangible Security, served as a panelist at the Chertoff Group Security Series on the topic of “Security and Technology Investments: Trends and Outlooks”, held at the historic Willard Hotel. Mark and the other panelists shared their insights on and engaged in meaningful discussions about the cybersecurity industry. This event took place before a prestigious audience of thought leaders, innovators and practitioners representing technology, business, defense, and security communities.

The Chertoff Group Security Series stimulates advances in cybersecurity risk management and awareness by gathering business leaders, risk managers, subject matter experts, and other major cyber figures for thought-provoking keynote and panel discussions. The keynote speaker for this event in the series was General Michael Hayden, who among many other services, served as the Director of the CIA from 2006 to 2009.

Attendees heard practical management guidance, such as the necessity for including cybersecurity as a fundamental dimension within a pervasive risk manangement workflow rather than conducting it as a separate silo apart from the business processes that cybersecurity budgets exist to secure. Panelists such as Mark provided the audience with perspective-altering facts, anecdotes, and prognostications, and even some intriguing historical parallels to the issues facing organizations today.

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