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McLean, VA. - January 9, 2015,

Tangible Security is pleased to announce the release of the latest edition of Gray Hat Hacking, the Ethical Hackers Handbook. For more than 15 years, this book has served as a staple of the industry. The founding author, our very own Allen Harper, along with a team of talented authors, including the late Shon Harris, have provided a valuable resource to the field.

The book has been completely updated and includes 12 new chapters. Gray Hat Hacking is the use of offensive techniques for defensive purposes; it embodies the spirit of ethical hacking. The book explains the enemy's current weapons, skills, and tactics. It also offers field-tested remedies, case studies, and ready to deploy testing labs. Find out how hackers gain access, overtake network devices, script and inject malicious code, and plunder web applications and browsers. Android-based exploits, reverse engineering techniques, and cyber law are thoroughly covered in this state of the art resource.

"This book is a must have for any serious security professional. It was our goal as authors to provide a medium to advanced book that may be referred to over and over again. The field continues to evolve as we must always strive to keep up with the adversaries. To that end, we offer this latest edition. I hope you find the book challenging, insightful, and useful in defending your networks," said Allen Harper, Executive Vice President and Chief Hacker, Tangible Security.

The services developed by Tangible Security are rooted in the principles outlined in this book. Contact us for more information, we look forward to serving you.

Check out this free sample chapter: CHAPTER 1 Ethical Hacking and the Legal System

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