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CSO Online, January 13, 2015, 

Tangible Security's Michael Baucom, VP of R&D, was interviewed and quoted in CSO Online regarding the cyber security related search engine called Shodan and its relevance to enterprise cyber security.

CSO Online

The Shodan search engine can be used to find routers with exposed backdoors, unsecured webcams, and industrial control systems still using default passwords.


Using Shodan also means that a hacker doesn't set off any warning bells at a targeted company.

According to Michael Baucom, vice president of R&D at Columbia, Md.-based Tangible Security, the true power of Shodan is that all the scanning has already been done -- the user is simply querying the results without revealing their address or actions to the target, and with minimal effort.

"Scans of the magnitude of Shodan would take a long time and would be very noisy," he said.


Written by Maria Korolov for CSO Online (original article here)

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