Aviation Week - Whose UAV Rules?

Aviation Week magazine, June 26, 2017, Whose UAV Rules?

Tangible's CEO, Dr. Mark Mykityshyn, and NEXA’s Founder/Managing Partner, Michael Dyment, explore UAS/drone market self regulation in this viewpoint article.

The rapid grow of the U.S. small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) market is being driven almost entirely by the private sector, with thousands of professionals and companies working to commercialize their ideas in a stunning array of drone applications.

The FAA project 400,000 commercial drones will be flying in five years. Within 10 years, UAS will create more than 100,000 U.S. jobs, forecasts the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. This is a marketplace capable of creating new industries and jobs, catalyzing innovation, boosting US competitiveness globally and generation billions of dollars in economic activity. Read more of the Aviation Week article here.

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